— The Facts —

In today's modern society, things are not always what they seem. 

It is our goal to provide clarity in the production of our grains and feeds. Here are the facts to help ensure that we do.

Non-GMO Grains

The majority of the Non-GMO grains in our feeds are grown on our farm. For quality control, our grains are tested with a protein based quick test kit to ensure our products are what we claim.

Non-GMO Statement

Glyphosate Test Results

Our grains are tested for glyphosate residue. See a recent test results here.

Test Results

Essential Oils & Herb Package

A list of herbs and essential oils that are added to our Homestead Harvest Non-GMO Feeds.

Essential Oils and Herbs List

Certified Feed Manufacture

We are licensed by the State of Maryland to manufacture animal feeds. All of our rations have been reviewed by professional animal nutritionists.  

Maryland License