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Farming is in our blood.

In 1943, Fred C. and Ora Ann Ernst bought the farm. It was one mile east of the Ernst family's original farm. Fred was a livestock and crop farmer. He managed and passed on the farm to his son, F. Carlton Ernst in the early 1970's. While teaching as professor in animal science, he along with his wife, Arnita expanded in the sheep, hog, and crop business with his son Steven F. Ernst. Steve focused on increasing labor efficiency and building infrastructure while working away full time as crop and feed nutritionist. Carlton and Steve started selling shelled corn to deer hunters in early 2000's. In 2014, Steve's son, Joshua expanded the grain business further by offering Non-GMO feeds.

Grain & Livestock.

If there is one thing we know, it's livestock and animal feeds. While direct marketing our grains is more of a recent endeavor, we have been producing livestock and livestock feeds for multiple generations. All feeds for our animals are made at the farm. We raise hogs and sheep in addition to producing Non-GMO grains. Our hog herd consists of heritage breeds including Berkshire, Poland China's, Chester White, Durocs, and crosses in between. Our flock of ewes consists of Dorset, Texel, Il da France, Polypay, Dorper, and Katahdin crossbreeds. We take pride in caring for our animals while producing quality Non-GMO feeds.

7 Generations of Farmers.

Today the business is operated by Steve Ernst and his 3 sons, Joshua, Jacob, and Micah, along with their families. With the help of a great team of employees, Non-GMO grains are planted, harvested, cleaned, stored, milled, packaged, and distributed all off of the home farm. Currently, we are the 7th generation of farmers in the Ernst family to produce grains in Clear Spring, Maryland. We grow corn, soybeans, wheat, and barley on our farm in rotation with mixed cover crops.


Farming is a way of life. This is something that has been passed down through the generations. This is a tradition we want to maintain. This why we focus on sustainability.

Our operation is 100% no-till and has been for many years. Our Non-GMO grains are produced through green cropping farming methods. Our land is in agriculture development protection. We focus on cover crops to improve the soil quality and protect from erosion. Our streams are lined with riparian buffers. We utilize 4 and 5 species crop rotations. We have learned that if we take care of the land, the land will take care of us. We believe in regenerative agriculture.

Direct Marketing Feeds.

It is a challenge for many farm families to survive in today's modern agricultural world. Direct marketing our grains is how we are able thrive. Instead of selling our grains on the commercial market where grain prices fluctuate, we choose to further process and package our grains to be suitable for direct marketing. We are an inspected and licensed feed manufacturer. With the help of professional nutritionists, our products have been formulated to be a premier diet for many species of animals. Our products can be purchased directly from our feed store, purchased through a local reseller, or even ordered to be shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Homestead Harvest

Premium, Non-GMO feeds made with herbs, kelp, probiotics, omega 3's, and more.

Farmers Blend

Non-GMO feeds for the larger producer designed to keep costs in mind.

Whole Seeds & Feeds

Bagged grains and wildlife feeds.