A 7th generation farm family, growing and milling grains in Western Maryland.

Feed made the right way.

Premium grains for those who want something better.

Non-GMO Grains & Feeds

Whether it's bagged chicken food for your small flock or bulk totes for your farm, we have options for every critter. Non-GMO Chicken feed, Non-GMO Pig feed, Non-GMO Goat feed & more

We even make soy & corn free feeds!

Milled & Packaged in Maryland.

Every aspect of the grain handling process is done on our farm.

Harvested from the fields. Stored in bulk grain bins. Cleaned through specialty equipment. Milled and mixed onsite. Bagged in our feed packing shed. Delivered with our trucks.

Our Feeds

Trust your feed source. 

Many animal feeds are made with imported grains. But not us, our family grows most of the Non-GMO grains we sell on our land. Other grains come from local, sustainable farmers. We pride ourselves in being a Certified Agricultural Conservation Steward.

Looking for alternative to commercial feeds?

Purchase our grains.

Family Owned & Operated

The business is currently operated by the 6th, 7th, and 8th generation of farmers in the Ernst family in Clear Spring, MD. We are proud of our agricultural heritage.

Our Farm

Homestead Harvest

Premium, Non-GMO feeds made with herbs, kelp, probiotics, omega 3's, and more.

Farmers Blend

Non-GMO feeds for the larger producer designed to keep costs in mind.

Whole Seeds & Feeds

Bagged grains and wildlife feeds.