Hogs >>
Many options available from boars for breeding to feeder pigs for growing out.
We have been raising Poland China hogs since the early 1920's, but have had hogs in the family even longer. We have crossbreds with Berkshire, Chester White, Yorkshire, Durocs, and Hampshires, besides our purebred Polands. Our hogs are farrowed indoors and then put outside at roughly 5 weeks. We utilize deep straw bedding and our hogs become well suited for living outdoors. All of our hogs are fed GMO-free feed. We recommend you place an order as early as possible because supply can be limited. Contact Steve for any hog questions or to order.
-Feeder Pigs
This would be the smallest size we offer for sale, starting at roughly 40lbs and going up. We have groups of pigs being farrowed at different times throughout the year.
-4H Show Pigs
We usually have between 30 and 40 litters of pigs in the spring offering a large amount of pigs to choose from. We sell into 7 states and have had numerous winners across the Mid-Atlantic region.
-Butcher Hogs
Without specifically ordering a heavier weight, the largest we keep on hand is approximately 280lbs. For a small charge we can deliver the hog to a local butcher shop.
-Breeding Stock
Our focus is on high meat quality without sacrificing herd health or productivity. Boars and bred sows can be made available upon request. We have purebred and crossbred animals available.
Sheep >>
We aim for a 100lb robust, muscular lamb to provide the best meat quality experience.
We have roughly 200 ewes of Dorset, Texel, Il da France, Polypay, Dorper, and Katahdin crossbreeds. Our focus is on producing a heavy muscle lamb while aiming for a 200% lamb crop. We utilize intensive grazing as well as annual crop grazing to obtain this goal. Lambs are born in March-April and become available for purchase around July until the end of the year. We are currently in the process of increasing our flock size and will have even more lambs available as time goes on.
Purebred Registered Texels and Breeding Stock
Recently we have invested into registered purebred texel sheep. With this breed we are increasing the overall muscle quality of our lambs and flock. Through detailed records including weaning weights, adjusted weaning weights, monthly growth rate monitoring, and lambing percentages we are trying to increase the overall productivity of our flock without sacrificing carcass quality. Our customers desire more muscle in the lambs giving us a marketing advantage. In the summer we have purebred texels as well as crossbred replacement ewes and rams available for purchase.


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