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We have the products so you can kill that big one!

Whether you're trying to bring that 10 point in so you can get the perfect shot or you're wanting to give the deer extra nutrition over the winter months, we have a variety of options.


-Bird & Wildlife Feed ***New***

Why buy bird feed from a big box store when you can buy a feed made from local grains? A combination of corn, roasted soybeans, wheat, barley, and black oil sunflowers that is perfect for wild birds or any wildlife.

-Shelled Corn 8.5% protein

The basic corn off of the cob. The grain is cleaned to prevent your feeders from clogging.


-Red Delicious Apple Scented Corn 8.5% protein

Cleaned, shelled corn treated with a liquid apple scent designed specifically to attract deer. Will go through wildlife feeders.


-3in1 Deer Feed 14.5% protein

3 components: feed, food plot, and mineral. It is a complete deer feed meeting their total dietary needs. It contains whole grains that will sprout, creating a long term forage source. A mineral with phosophorus and calcium is added to promote horn growth. Corn, soybeans, wheat, and barley are added. This feed will go through wildlife feeders.


-Other Grains available:

Soybean, Wheat, and Barley 


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